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How do I increase the size of a WebSocket response?

I successfully recorded with NeoLoad my application that uses WebSocket. Then I tried to run a user validation and I got the error below in my WebSocket channel.

How can i fix that issue?

2015/03/19 09:54:56 ERROR - neoload.Engine: WebSocket channel connection encountered an error org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.MessageTooLargeException: Text message size [73525] exceeds maximum size [65536]


When an application uses WebSocket mechanism, NeoLoad is able to record the WebSocket channel(s) created by the application. Thanks to these channels the server can send messages to the client asynchronously.

These messages can be of different types (text, binary) or of different sizes.


For performance reasons, the default WebSocket message size cannot exceed 65 536 bytes (64 kB).


When a WebSocket response exceeds this size, the system returns a org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.MessageTooLargeExceptionOverview exception.



The workaround is to add a new property key in the configuration file located in the \conf sub-folder of the NeoLoad installation root folder to configure a message size.


Create a [WebSocket] section or edit the existing one and add the following property key with the desired value.

For example here 100 000: websocket.max.text.message.size=100000.


For more information, see "WebSocket Requests" under the Design section in NeoLoad documentation.

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