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response time truncated


response time in results reports are truncated at 30s even when time response are over 30s
Is there a way to configurte it or it is a bug ?



I do not see anything wrong in that screen shot. It seems that you only run 1 iteration of your virtual user. Some pages have 30 seconds response time.

Do you have concern about those pages having the same response time?

If yes, do you always get that exact values each time you run your test? And if you run multiple iterations?


I can't reproduce this issue today with 2 runing tests
las week, I can reproduce this each time I run the scenario. 30s was not the real response time, as it was in the application logs
I don't know why it's good now, because the only action did on this Platform is rebooting.
for information, I use version 5.0.2 build 071114-722 with a free 50 users licence