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Unable to start load generator

Hi, I am getting the error "Unable to start load generator" whenever i am trying to start a test. The load generator is the local host machine. PFA the error screenshots.
I have already tried the below solution but it does not work out.

1. Stop NeoLoad
2. Edit <install_dir>\conf\agent.properties
3. Locate the key parameter: "lg.launcher.vm.parameters" and increase the current "-Xss228k" option to "256k" in order to have "-Xms256k".
4. Save
5. Start NeoLoad

Abhinav S.
Abhinav S.

Abhinav S.

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Could you follow the procedure below to see if it helps?

  1. From NeoLoad UI, go to menu "Help-->Open logs folder
  2. Go back once in the tree folder and enter into the "nlres" folder
  3. Remove all the files inside that folder
  4. Try again a user validation or a test.


Let me know the measure of success you have.