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Getting error in logs as :neoload.Monitors.LG: Can't get LG Windows TCP Info ?

Hello, Im running a scenario with Account creation of 10Vusers. Once all the vusers login it immediately goes to end. And i found error in Results : logs as - ERROR - neoload.Monitors.LG: Can't get LG Windows TCP Info com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDHNoData: PDH_NO_DATA .

Could some one help me asap.

Rajiv J.
Rajiv J.

Rajiv J.

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That errors is not related to your runtime issue. It's only an error getting statistics information of the LG. It should not have any impact on the test itself.

Could you describe a little bit your issue? What do you mean by "immediately goes to end". Do you mean that the user is redirect to the End container after your login?

Did you get any errors on the login and so have you configured your user profiles to stop and start a new virtual user in case of error?