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More memory required to compute statistics post test

I am receiving an error message saying that more memory is required to compute the post test execution statistics.

I was under the impression that memory management for the controller is now automatic. In the past I increased the xmx but I thought is was no longer necessary.


Actually the memory management is not automatic but it's a percentage of the RAM available on the machine whereas before it was the same value whatever your configuration.

For instance, if you use the local LG, it will be a quarter of your RAM and half of your RAM for a remote LG only installation. So with a 8GB machine, the localhost LG will use 2GB max and 4GB max with a remote LG.

You can still use the "-Xmx" parameter option to force a different memory settings for the controller in the <neoload_install_dir>\NeoLoadGUI.vmoptions file. Remove the option "-XX:MaxRAMFraction=4" from that file.

No I hadn't touched that file. I had increased the xmx in the NeoloadCmd.voptions - that's the only change. Yes using 5.0.2

It doesn't exist in the conf/agent.properties file either.

I've just done a fresh 5.0.3 install and I see the RAM Fraction line now. When I delete this should I increase the -XX:MaxPermSize

Is this the same as the xmx value in previous versions?