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PDHException when processing counter list for MS SQL 2014 Express

NeoLoad 5.0.2 build 071114-722
MS SQL 2014 Express is installed on localhost.
No information found by Google or found on neotys.
When adding a new MS SQL Server database monitor, during the "Processing counters list. Please wait..." an error message is displayed "Unknown PDH exception: 0x6.". When closing the message dialog the following message is displayed "An error occurred while collecting counters. Please check the connection parameters and NeoLoad log files".

The details of that error message is as follow:
"com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDHException: 0x6
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.wrapException(PDH.java:189)
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.pdhEnumObjects(PDH.java:116)
at com.neotys.nl.me.a.gb.c(gb.java:547)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.r(f.java:498)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.b(f.java:229)
at com.neotys.nl.me.f.handleRequest(f.java:123)
at com.neotys.nl.common.net.AbstractConnection.handleRequest(AbstractConnection.java:87)
at com.neotys.nl.me.e.handleRequest(e.java:74)
at com.neotys.nl.common.net.BidirectionalConnection$RequestHandlerThread.run(BidirectionalConnection.java:248)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: 0x6
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.pdhEnumObjectsN(Native Method)
at com.neotys.win32.jpdh.PDH.pdhEnumObjects(PDH.java:114)
... 7 more

Nicolaas K.
Nicolaas K.

Nicolaas K.

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This seems to indicate a corrupted perfmon database or NeoLoad is not able to interact with it.

NeoLoad uses Perfmon API to monitor any Microsoft products. Could you try to run perfmon on your NeoLoad machine and see if you can get some counters values?

Also when you configured your monitor, did you use "localhost/" as hostname value or the IP/hostname of your local machine?

Nicolaas K.
Nicolaas K.

Nicolaas K.

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Hi Nouredine A.

Not sure if this also helps. I'm running Windows 8.1 and PerfMon 6.3.9600. I can confirm that it's not just happening for the SQL monitor but the Windows monitor as well.

1. Perfmon runs fine on the machine.

2. I have used "localhost", "" and the machine's IP "". When running the simple "Check" using "localhost" and "" the connection status is "You connection parameters are correct".
When using the machine's IP the connection status is "Failed to Connect: Unknown PDH Exception 0x6".

My discoveries so far:
1. "PDH" stands for "Performance Data Helper". This is covered in the NeoLoad help at .
There's a list of error codes described at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/... . The current 0x6 error code is not covered in the text.

2. According to NeoLoad Help the Microsoft Monitoring Agent must be installed. It's available at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=4...

So far no luck.