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We have a test that loads reports with very large datasets. This page has a "loading" screen that refreshes until the report has completed running and is displayed to the user. When the load test runs, it logs the loading screen as the response, not waiting for the full report. Some of the reports may take a few seconds while others take much longer. How would I check or verify that the full report has been returned between the request and response of the page?

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If you have a "loading" screen that probably means that the client i.e the browser is regularly sending a request to the server to get the status of the report generation. I guess you should see that status in the server responses until it sends a kind of "complete" status.

The goal would be to simulate such behavior in NeoLoad by using a while loop condition.

NeoLoad will send that status request till it receives the right status from the server. In the while condition you will have the result of a variable extractor. So when the variable extractor extracts the expected results, it will drop out of the loop.

This is usually how it works. It might be like that or a little bit different in your case so you may have to adapt a bit that mechanism.