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Neoload Integration

What are the advantages and key features of Neoload to integrate with Perfectomobile?


The integration with functional testing tools like PerfectoMobile allows you to run Automated script on a real device regularly while the load is generated at protocol level by NeoLoad in order to measure the End User Experience (page loading time, time between an action and its result) from a real device when the server is under load. Check your Performance SLA from a real device under load!

two goals for the integration with a functional testing tool:
1. Trigger the execution of the script at a regular interval
2. Collect measurements and inject them in NeoLoad for later analysis in the External Data section.

Regarding the integration with Perfecto, NeoLoad stores the duration of each script step, the value of timers, the device vitals: CPU, memory,.. and links to the video, network analysis file and full report of each execution.

Here's the Action used to integrate with Perfecto Mobile: http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/htm...