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Web page loading response time

When using NeoLoad to record and playback a web session against a web application, what is the meaning of the response time reported by NeoLoad? During the playback, do the response times reported by NeoLoad are the same as if a real user would experience it when he browses through various pages and experience the loading of the pages? I guess another way of asking the question is: Does response time reported by NeoLoad represent the loading time of a page or does it mean something else? Is it a measurement of something else and not necessarily what a real user experiences when a page is being loaded? As a web application grows over time, people would complain that the pages take too long to load. Will NeoLoad see that the pages take too long to load too?

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NeoLoad is able to load test your application server and report about the response time of your requests/pages/containers. These response time are the server response time.

In other words, the rendering time on the browser side are not included in that response time. So it means that you have to add that rendering time to get the full user experience with the loading page.

Normally that user rendering time should be the same whatever the current load of the server.

Moreover, NeoLoad has an integration with other products like Perfecto to get the End user experience on real mobile devices.

For more information, you can look at the NeoLoad documentation here