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Is it possible to Configure neoload to use a specific JRE ?

When recording a virtual user scenario we record using a specific version of the JRE required for our application however when trying to validate the virtual user it seems to be using the version of the JRE installed with neoload which is incompatible with our application and seems to be causing an issue.

Is it possible to force neoload to use the JRE that we have installed and is required for our application?

Simon L.
Simon L.

Simon L.

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The use of a specific JRE version is something that matters on the client side. But when you replay a script with NeoLoad even if it uses its own JRE version it should not make any difference.

NeoLoad does not render the client UI so if you get errors during the replaying it should not be because of the JRE version used by NeoLoad.