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IHow LGs in the cloud generate an output csv file that is contained in my script?

I have a javascript into my script to generate an output csv file and has a path to be saved in my PC but I'm going to execute my test using LGs in the cloud. Where will be saved the files generated in each LG and how can I get them?. Do I have to put an specific path to save the file instead the path in my pc?

The output file contains variables obtained with the variable extractor and add info each iteration of my test and it looks like this:

var varSA= context.variableManager.getValue("varSecretarioDescripcion");
var varIdSA = context.variableManager.getValue("varIdSecretario");

//write LOG
var writer = new java.io.FileWriter("C:\\Logs\\logValidacionDemandaSA1JT.cvs",true);
writer.write(varFechaDePrueba + "," + varnumExpediente + "," + varActor+ "," + varMagistrado + "," + varIdMagistrado + "," + varSA + "," + varIdSA);

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It is not possible to retrieve a File from a remote LG, but there other possibilities according to what you want to achieve:

  • If you want to log something, an option is to use the NeoLoad JS Log API to log a line (ex: 'logger.info("my Log line"). Log files are automatically downloaded to the controller at the end of the test and can be analyzed in "Results / Logs".
  • , see http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/htm... for more details)

    • If you want to add business data to results you may use the Data Exchage API to send data to the Neotys controller. Note that the API requires the "Integration & Customization" option for your license, you can check if you have "Data Exchange API" enabled in your license information.
    • Get more information on the API here: http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/htm...

      As an input for a potential new feature, what is exactly the need behind the CSV file?