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Orders not getting created in application with no validation errors and with the correct settings

Hi Neotys technical support team,
I have recorded an application order creation through Neoload 5.0 and checked Virtual User validation successfully done with no errors and ran load test with just 4 virtual users. The load test successfully executes without errors but when I check the application the declarations have not been created. I mentioned initial user count as 2 and increment by 2 users. But tool launched only 2 users. I was expecting 4 declarations in the application created by load test.
I have set correctly VUser settings, Duration policy and Load variation policy settings as per design process in the NeoLoad documentation before running my test.

I am not able to attach the logs of zip & rar type, please could you suggest me which type of file will allow me to attach here for your reference.

Please could you help me on this.

Thank you so much.

Chandra R.
Chandra R.

Chandra R.

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First of all, the fact that the user validation does not return any errors does not mean that the user is functionnaly successful.

The check user validation panel will raise an error if the HTTP status code of the server response is an error type like for example a 500 HTTP status code.

That's why we suggest you to add some validation on key transactions. I guess if you create orders with your script, you should get back from the server an order id or a successful message.

You should search on the server responses where to find that orderid or message and create a validation against them.

See the NeoLoad documentation here

Also the most probable root cause of your issue is that you did not handle some of the dynamic parameters.

Please look at the NeoLoad tutorial here to see how to handle them.


Regarding your load issue, you did not mention if your test duration was set by time or by iteration.

If by time make sure that you run your test for a sufficient time to run your 4 users.