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My script has recorded node information causing failures. How can I remedy this?

1 request is similar to the following:

The node and routeID is what is causing the failure. If the VU is routed to Node2 RouteID=portal2 then a 500 error will occur.

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Normally the JESSIONID value is a cookie that is set by the server. That is to say that the server sends a "SET-COOKIE" to set a new JSESSIONID value.

In that case, since NeoLoad automatically handles the new cookie sent by the server, it will use the new one.

Do you mean that NeoLoad is still using node1 when the server is sending a value with node2?

If your login container is under "Actions" container, make sure that you set the "Emulate a new browser..." option at the Actions container level.

I guess it's the same thing for your RouteID value if set by the server.