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RTMPS interception

I'm testing an application that uses RTMPS protocol to provide most of its functionality but I'm unable to see the RTMPS calls when using the post recording wizard, any advise?


Mark F.
Mark F.

Mark F.

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Let's cover the basis. You should look at the NeoLoad documentation regarding the limitations of RTMP applications here

Also i assume that you enabled the RTMP recording option in the recording panel right?

To make sure that we are talking about the same thing. RTMP is TCP communication only whereas RTMPS is over HTTPS protocol. So RTMPS is not really like RTMP which is not encapsuled inside HTTP protocol.

Are you really talking about RTMPS or maybe RTMPE which is RTMP encrypted by the proprietary Adobe algorithms?

That would explain why NeoLoad cannot detect the libraries in the post recording wizard sinceĀ  RTMPE is not supported by NeoLoad.