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How can I configure where the log files are stored?

I would like to specify where the log file are located as I am running this on a Jenkins server automated. Is there a param or property value I can specify in the nlp file?

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Question is somewhat vague. Presuming that you might be asking how to get the Neoload Logs into your Jenkins workspace for easy viewing via Jenkins, a simple outside the box solution is to use a file copy utility such as xcopy or robocopy.

To achieve this, add an "Execute Windows batch command" step to your jenkins job (or "Execute shell" for non-windows jenkins servers) and have that step perform a file copy just like you would on a command line/shell. This will need to happen after your Neoloadcmd.exe batch command.

Here's an example that uses xcopy on a windows server:

xcopy c:\users\jsmith\AppData\Roaming\Neotys\NeoLoad\v5.0\logs "%WORKSPACE%" /E /Y

Optionally add error level checking for extra control of the behavior:
(xcopy c:\users\jsmith\AppData\Roaming\Neotys\NeoLoad\v5.0\logs "%WORKSPACE%" /E /Y) ^& IF %ERRORLEVEL% GTR 0 exit 1

If Neoload and Jenkins are not on the same server, install a Jenkins slave service on the Neoload server and use it to run that job.