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Can I use Jenkins to run a vUser validation without a license?


I want to get automated early flagging of any need to update the script. To do this, I would like to have Jenkins run a smoke test that does no more than take a single virtual user through a couple of iterations. Different products are worked in different iterations, so I would like to have more than a single iteration, but I could split the products across different users and, therefore, different Jenkins jobs.

Our license is device-linked and the 'working' copy of Neoload is on a virtual Windows machine. Jenkins is working away on another *IX box (I can find out the details, but don't know them now). This makes me think that the main hurdle may be the license.

Please can you tell me if I can set up a Jenkins job and the rest of the gubbins to do this in these circumstances?


Mark G.
Mark G.

Mark G.

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With the no key mode, you can use NeoLoad and run user validation without any license loaded. 

But you can only start a test using the command line interface and not specically  a user validation.