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Installing Load generator on cloud

Will it be possible to install the load generator on the cloud and use it for testing?

Khalid K.
Khalid K.

Khalid K.

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christophe M.
christophe M.

christophe M.

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Hi Khalid,

You can install Load Generators on the machines of your choice, physical or virtual, on-premise or in the Cloud.

Nevertheless, we recommend the use of the Neotys Cloud Platform that enables you to save a lot of time and avoid issues by using an integrated optimized solution with the following benefits:

  • Load Generators are pre-configured with optimimum settings for high load and cloud usage (At operating system level and NeoLoad level)
  • The Network emulation is pre-installed and automatically used when required.
  • No maintenance cost related to Load Generator upgrades
  • Several integrated cloud providers:
  • -Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, HP cloud services, Joyent....
    -More geographies covered than with a single provider
    -Higher number of available machines
    -Single provisioning: Neotys Cloud Credits enables all providers.

    • Fully integrated to NeoLoad:
    • -Easily launch the number of machines from the desired zones
      -VMs are automatically added to the project. No painful copy/pasting of IPs.
      -Shutdown all VMs in a single click.

      • IPs can be reserved in advance from the Web Cloud Console to ease the set-up of firewall.

      Easy to use: hit the Cloud button in the Load Generators section in NeoLoad, enter your Neotys account credentials and follow the wizard.
      Neotys Cloud Credits must be bought in advance, from your Sales rep or from the online Shop.