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What is the difference between Page Response Time and Request Response Time?

The neoload documentation defines them as "Average response time for pages" and Average response time for requests", respectfully. Can you provide a more specific definition?

It is my understanding that client side page info isn't measured by neoload, so why is there a statistic that seems to imply this?

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Bryan G.

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When you record your scenario, NeoLoad will record all the requests sent by the browser to the server. In an HTML page, you usually have first an applicative request followed by the download of all the resources of the page like images, css, javascript etc...

So the average page response time is the time to get all these elements that belong to that page. It's not the rendering time on the client side but the download time of the elements.

And obviously, the request response time is the time for a single request.

Remember that the resources under a page are retrieved in parallel using multiple connections in NeoLoad like a browser. The number of connection is configured at the population level when you choose the browser. It is usually between 4 and 6.


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