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Designing load distribution across differerent LG's with Different ratio

Hi All,

We need to conduct 100 user load test and
we have 4 load generators,

And we have to distribute 100 user load to each load generator with different % as mentioned below,

Loc1 LG 50%
Loc2 LG 31%
Loc3 LG 13%
Loc4 LG 6%

Kindly let me know, how to distribute total 100 user load across different load generators with above mentioned % wise.

Thanks in advance,

Yathish K.
Yathish K.

Yathish K.

2 / 100


The load factor will be the weight that will assign to all LG's. Basically the weight of each LG is the load factor divided by the total load factor.

So in your case you should be able to assign respectively 50, 31, 13 and 6 as load factor for your LG's.

The total weight is 100, and so the first LG will have a weight of 50/100=0.5 (50%) etc...