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Correlation Rules creation for the common RB and LB

Is there any way to create a correlation rule, in my current script have to capture some 15 to 20 Ids in each request but in each case the LB and RB will be the same and also Its a lengthy script.
My question is: do we have any option to create correlation rule, so that when we recording the application only it will capture those ids by looking into LB and RB..
Options I tried to create a frame work but it doesnot work for me, i'm not sure whether i did properly or not.

Kindly let me know the solution for this.

Yathish K.
Yathish K.

Yathish K.

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focus on request and Enter "Advance" feature,add an variable extractors in "Variable Extractors " Tab. Select LB by "start with", Select RB by"end with", use the regular expression in Advance mode. there are more functions.