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What is the meaning of that error “ Read timed out”?

In my test script I’m doing a search in my application. The process time in the server side can take up to 15 minutes. Running a test in Neoload the request duration of that search request is always 300s and I get that timed out error. Can I avoid that error?

It is common during a load test of your application that the Server will be strained. Potentially, you will see high response times from the server.

When NeoLoad sends a request and acknowledged by the server, it will wait for the response.  However, in order not to wait an infinite amount of  time, there's a timeout so NeoLoad can give up and raise an error. That's why you got this “Read timed out” error.

By default, during the runtime, this timeout is set to 300s (5 minutes).This period of time is usually sufficient for most situations.

Nevertheless, in specific cases, you might not get any data from the server for more than 300s. In that case; here is the procedure to increase the runtime timeout in NeoLoad:


  1. Stop NeoLoad
  2. Edit <install_dir>\conf\
  3. Go to the [Runtime] section and locate that key:    Change the value to 600000 to set a 600 seconds timeout (it's in milliseconds)
  4. Save
  5. Start NeoLoad

Now, NeoLoad will only alert you the timeout error if it did not receive any data after 600 seconds.

For more information, see “Results”  section in NeoLoad documentation.


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