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Migration of Projects from Neoload version 4.0 to 4.1.1

After migrating the projects to 4.1.1 we are observing following issues:

1. Assertion issues – The tool is by default changing the communication method
Request and response has been changed to xml due to which the boundary values are now tags. Earlier the response was in JSON format .
2. Parameterization – The tool does not work as is for the older scripts
The way in which it substitutes the parameterized value has changed. We are still trying to debug the issues. ( we have recorded and checked but no luck)

We had been able to progress with the dry run which had no major issues but during the load test run the assertion and parameterization issues reoccurred

Santosh V.
Santosh V.

Santosh V.

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I think that your point 1 is a known issue with NeoLoad 4.1 not fixed yet. You can see that here:


Your point 2 is not cleared to me. What do you mean by "The way in which it substitutes the parameterized value has changed".I don't think something has changed on that area.

Could you provide more details?