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add new workspace to neolaod web

I want to create a new workspace to classify and store the reports according to the teams that are launching the load test executions with neolaod, so when i try to create a workspace with the call Rest: POST https: // neoload-api .saas.neotys.com / v3 / workspaces with body:
{"allUsersEnabled": true,
"description": "",
"name": "test",
{"citrix": 0,
"sap": 0,
"unlimited": true,
"web": 0}
i get this response:
"code": 103,
"message": "Unauthorized operation for the given API token, please provide an API token with sufficient privilege"

I have to work with the documentation of swagger api passing the token of neolaod web: https://neoload-api.saas.neotys.com/explore/?urls.primary...

Any solutions ?

mohamed Y.
mohamed Y.

mohamed Y.

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