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How throughput is calculated?

How throughput is calculated in the Neoload test result? Does it add content-length of each response over test duration and divide by duration length? Do you consider response header size along with body size?

In the context of Result > Graphs, how throughput is calculated at requests, page, container level? Do you just add avg. throughput from all requests to page and similarly do the same at container level? Let’s say - a page has 2 request each bringing response at 1 mbps. Does the page should show 2 mbps throughput? If there are 4 such pages in a container, container should show 8mbps?

Is that possible to get Average throughout value for each request in the Result > Values tab(similar to response time, count, etc)?

Deepak S.
Deepak S.

Deepak S.

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The throughput is the amount of HTTP data received by the Load Generator from the server. It includes the headers+body.

It's almost computed the same way for transactions,requests etc... The countdown starts when the first byte is received and stop when the last is received then the value is computed per second.

So for a transaction it will include all the data received for all the requests/pages inside the transaction from the first byte to the last one received.

In your example if each request had 1 Mb received during 1s each assuming they were executed sequentially so 2Mb will be received in 2s so still the throughput will be 1Mb/s. But be careful in graphs there's also the rendering graph that will aggregate the values per time interval.

NeoLoad does not provide throughput in Values tab so you can't get them.