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Unable to capture with Microsoft Edge

With the latest build from Microsoft Edge (85.0.564.51), Neoload is not capturing any requests or data from Edge. When selecting edge as the browser for recording it will launch the browser, but during recording nothing is captured and once I stop the recording the browser doesn't close and nothing appears in the user path that was just recorded. I have the options selected to delete cookies and cache when attempting to record. Attached are the version number for Edge and how the browser is setup in Neoload. I have Neoload pointing to the exe for Edge. I have no issues with Chrome, IE, or Firefox and all are setup the same way.

Colin E.
Colin E.

Colin E.

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If Edge was installed after Neoload, Neoload won’t know about it and cannot reconfigure it for recording. Manually set the proxy to point to localhost:8090 or reinstall neoload so it checks for installed browsers