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Is there an alternative to binaryPostContentBase64

Hi all,

I am using Neoload 4.0.2 with GWT. With GWT you have to record Neoload scenarios each time you test a new version of the web application. That's ok as I use selenium IDE to speed up that process.

The problem is : I have a set of about 20 variables that are in every GWT requests of my scenario. At this time I must replace each variable by a placeholder after each scenario recording, that's a long and tedious task, even with Neoload GUI's search and replace.

Neoload internal files contains repository.xml where all requests are stored. With a tiny script, I could replace my variables but the GWT content is encoded in base64 format inside a CDATA tag. A this point I'm a bit puzzled, isn't that belt and suspenders ? if you have a CDATA tag then no need to encode the GWT content in base64 format.

Anyway, my question is : is there a way to disable base64 encoding of GWT request content in repository.xml ?

Jérôme B.
Jérôme B.

Jérôme B.

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The base64 encoding cannot be disabled to store GWT request content.

But you should add an idea on our community web site regarding your functional issue that is to easily replace your 20 variables in a new recorded script. With your information, the NeoLoad developers may think about a new feature to ease that process.

Thanks for your feedbacks.