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settings.xml and scenario.xml are changed without any reason


There seem to be a bug in a way settings.xml and scenario.xml are saved after hitting save button. Without any actual change those files are marked as changed by git.

We have multiple Load Generators and on every save those are scrambled around scenarios.xml file. The prefix is same for each LG while only the number differs. Even that doesn't help and as you can see in the comparison report it is shown as changed file.

Similar thing happens with settings.xml - it's just that different part is being moved around.

This causes that keeping the file in git repo is much harder.
For me it's a serious disadvantage.

Apart from that is there any way to disable zip file creation? I have project config set up to use plain files still this one is being created (the probable reason is above).

As a result I have plenty of such files that had to be deleted

When you work with GIT repo it doesn't really make sense to keep those zip files as difference will show up while analyzing pull request.

I'm using Neoload 6.10 on windows.

Dominik J.
Dominik J.

Dominik J.

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