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How do I configure a load generator's available memory?

After running my load test, I looked at the results and noticed that my load generator is using a high amount of memory, which might be causing a bottleneck. Can I increase the amount of memory my load generator uses during a test?

Neoload is a Java program that uses a Virtual machine to run. The amount of memory used by that Virtual machine is configured at startup on a configuration file.


If the load generator frequently uses more than 90% of the available memory during a test, it can lead to errors such as NL-RUNTIME-XX in the test results. The details of these errors are shown as "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space".


Here is the procedure to increase the amount of memory allocated to a Load Generator For each load generator:


1. Stop the Agent

2. Edit the /conf/ file:

3. Edit the [LoadGenerator] lg.launcher.vm.parameters key to set the new limit in Mb.

4. Start the Agent


For example:

[LoadGenerator] lg.launcher.vm.parameters=-Xmx768m sets the limit at 768Mb.

This limit must not exceed the maximum physical memory available in order to avoid the use of swap files.

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