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No-GUI Use absolute or relative time


We are using NeoLoads 6.2 and its amazing No-GUI feature and its amazing! However we are running into problems regarding our automated load tests.

We are using the No-GUI feature in the following way:
we are kicking of the batch files of our load test with a tool called control M, Control M is running as an admin user (We do not have access to this user). And its looking like that the absolute or relative time settings is connected to the admin users profile and since we do not have access to this admin user profile we can not change this value within NeoLoad by simply starting NeoLoad and editing it in its settings.

We would like to know if its possible to select absolute or relative time from the command line?
Or is it possible to change the value from a config file within the NeoLoad installation ?

Hope you can provide me with more information

Joey H.
Joey H.

Joey H.

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Unfortunately this settings is a user preference stored in the user profile. There's no option to override it through command line.

However i guess you could add in your batch file a command to override that option prior to the starting of NeoLoad. The file to modify is stored under %APPDATA%\Neotys\NeoLoad\v6.2\conf folder. It's the controller_user.properties file.

The settings to modify is under [Results] section and it's "time.origin=RELATIVE" or "time.origin=ABSOLUTE".

So either you copy an entire new file with one or the other settings or you can just modify that option from RELATIVE to ABSOLUTE with a regexp expression.