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Integrating Active MQ with JMS

I am trying to setup the JMS from Neoload to Apache Active MQ and send a text message to a queue.

The Active MQ is in AWS cloud. The URL is like... https://b-XXXX-hkhk-iouououo-1.mq.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:XXXX

and its related open wire end point link looks like...

I entered all the required fields and created a queue name in the Active MQ like 'aaaa' and add that queue name under Destination.

But while checking the user path validation i am getting an error message saying 'could not create destination..... PFA the Connect setup and error messages

Please help me resolve this issue.

Venkata Suresh Babu G.
Venkata Suresh Babu G.

Venkata Suresh Babu G.

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