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How to confirm that NeoLoad has stopped its execution when it triggered and aborted from Jenkins(commandLine)


I have the following set up currently

1.I use Jenkins to trigger the NeoLoad tests
2.The Jenkins job is configured with utilizing the CommandLine tool options of Neoload
3.So when a Jenkins job is triggered, the commandline options basically run the perf test scenario. Fine
4.I also have NeoLoad web configured so I can observe the run time , real time details
5.All the above things are fine.

1.I can abort a test from Jenkins, if somethings things do not go well
2.I do not think, aborting the build from the Jenkins will always abort the Neolaod execution 100%
3.Why am thinking like that is because, even after aborting I see same 'Running tests' at my NeoLoad web end
4.So is there any way for me to confirm here, the NeoLoad has actually exited or not . If i aborted the tests from the commandline/jenkins
5.I am looking for some option like 'jps -l' , which if I run in cmd i can see all background running java proccess etc, any of which I can 'taskkill' to end the complete process
6.So is there some similar options or any other way for me to confirm that Neoload has stopped its execution completely ?

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