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I am running my NeoLoad performance tests with Jenkins CI using windows batch commands passing all diff args etc
At the end of the test , it produces the html report . fine .

When it is run with command line commands, the test report it produces will only be with the Summary page (which is shown in attachment 'Report ' )

When there are errors during my test, ( they could be either assertion errors or any server timeout, or internal server error or anything),
the above summary isn't actually helping me to know where exactly the error happened or what is the nature of the error etc.

The 'Errors' section (attached 'Error section') gives the count of errors
The 'Pages' section gives the count of error happened against any page, but no details on what is type of error to debug or analyze better
The 'Hot spots' section gives again top 5 error with page and parent...but not on the nature of error.

The nature of error can be seen only if the same result is loaded in to the NeoLoad controller GUI where we have the 'Errors' tab in Result section which gives some more details for analysis. plus NeoLoad web gives these in Events tab...

Am looking for a way to see the same details in the report which i generated with the command line , so it will help me for analyzing the results better from one place, and opening result in GUI controller may not be feasible for everyone as its installed only in a slave configured to jenkins.

... any better approach/options here?



Dear Musaffir,

Our vision is to share the full analysis through NeoLoad Web. (Everyone as a Free account set-up at least to try the SaaS version)

The latest version of NeoLoad produces the link of the running test in NeoLoad Web in the standard output (when the test is configured to send its result to NeoLoad Web). So it's produced in the Job logs in Jenkins.

We still need to update the Jenkins plugin to make this link more visible. For the moment, your users have to go through the list of tests in NeoLoad Web.

If you don't know how to start with NeoLoad Web: https://www.neotys.com/neoload/features/neoload-web

Thanks Christophe for responding to my query.
Yes I do use NeoLoad web and maintaining an on-premise version of it .. which is great...

I am not using NeoLoad plugin at Jenkins , I use commandline arguments and make things work in the same way as plugin is designed for...

In this case , do you meant to say that we will get some option to show the NeoLoad web link in Jenkins console log or in build detail etc ? So a user who does everything from Jenkins (like triggering tests/maintaining results etc) can easily reach to the Neoload web url and look/analyze results etc

Thanks again,

For any test launched with the command line and that uses NeoLoad Web, the URL of the test on NeoLoad Web side is produced in the standard output.

It requires NeoLoad 6.3 and NeoLoad Web 1.3 (January 2018).
When using NeoLoad Web on-premise you need to specify the root URL of NeoLoad Web in the deployment descriptor.

For information, rhe Runtime API has also been enriched to provide this URL of any test started through the API as soon as the test is started.