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Getting "Session Expired due to inactivity"

So doing something very basic which is visiting a page and logging in. The website has a JSESSION ID which i can see is being dynamically managed by Neoload but my problem is whenever my recording hits the login step it fails with a 409 saying that the session expired.

Ive tried to manage the JSESSION ID manually and still seem to get the same error. Can someone suggest what i coudl be doing wrong.

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That 409 HTTP status code is unusual. Looking at the definition of that error it seems that it occurs with a PUT request when there's a conflict with the state of the resource target.

Do you have any PUT request in your script? If the JSESSION ID value is correct then there's maybe another value in the request parameters or as cookie that is not correct.

Have you compared the requests sent during replaying and the recorded ones?

You can record twice the same steps in order to identify the possible dynamic values.