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NeoLoad CommandLine Execution : How to display console logs


I am executing my NeoLoad perf test scenarios in Non-GUI mode
i.e either in commandLine or most of the time in Jenkins CI

Is there a way to see the logs message in console when we run scenarios in non gui mode ? ( during run time itself )
I meant in GUI we have the "Logs tab" in 'Results' section which shows the logs content...
Looking for a way to achieve the same thing when we do run in non-gui mode
Specifically if we can get atleast java Script log message it would be beneficial.



Dear Musaffir, the logs are accessible only after the test.

If you want to get information on a running automated test, then you can use NeoLoad Web. Everyone has access to a free SaaS plan to evaluate or for a limited usage.

Get all information here: https://www.neotys.com/neoload/features/neoload-web

Thanks Christophe for checking this
I am currently using NeoLoad web, but I guess it won't give you an option to view the logs

I would like to output few things using Java script in my user paths , and view them during the run time
So currently I can only go in to the results section and look in to 'logs' tabs I believe...