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NeoLoad CommandLine Execution : How to display console logs


I am executing my NeoLoad perf test scenarios in Non-GUI mode
i.e either in commandLine or most of the time in Jenkins CI

Is there a way to see the logs message in console when we run scenarios in non gui mode ? ( during run time itself )
I meant in GUI we have the "Logs tab" in 'Results' section which shows the logs content...
Looking for a way to achieve the same thing when we do run in non-gui mode
Specifically if we can get atleast java Script log message it would be beneficial.



christophe M.
christophe M.

christophe M.

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Dear Musaffir, the logs are accessible only after the test.

If you want to get information on a running automated test, then you can use NeoLoad Web. Everyone has access to a free SaaS plan to evaluate or for a limited usage.

Get all information here: https://www.neotys.com/neoload/features/neoload-web

Thanks Christophe for checking this
I am currently using NeoLoad web, but I guess it won't give you an option to view the logs

I would like to output few things using Java script in my user paths , and view them during the run time
So currently I can only go in to the results section and look in to 'logs' tabs I believe...