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How to obtain the 90th on webservices

Hi All!

I have been executing tests with web services. I noticed that the 90th percentile metric is not available by default on any graph or even on the "Values" tab on the results section.
Is there a way to extract these value?
I thought that I can do it just exporting the AVG RT to CSV file and manually calculate it. However, I noticed that these numbers are just average, which not include maximums and minimums of the captured data. Therefore, for sure a 90th percentile using these data is not accurate.

Is there any option to get this numbers?


Ageo D.
Ageo D.

Ageo D.

14 / 100


Percentile statistics are only available for transactions in NeoLoad. If you need such statistics for some Web Service calls you can put them into separate transactions and you will get your percentile at the transaction level.