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We are getting some non-alphabetical code in Binary text area for a request. We are not able to convert it. No Solution?

We have recorded an application which has some Silverlight content. After recording, it is giving some response in junk format.
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The content type is application/octet-stream
Are there any funtions that can convert this format to normal XML to POST to request?

imran M.
imran M.

imran M.

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application/octet-stream is a binary content type so it is expected to see binary data i.e no human readable data.

NeoLoad can't know how to read that binary data since it can be any kind of data. If you know how to handle that binary data using JAVA code you could use the Data Format Extension API of NeoLoad to convert that content to XML content.

For more information please look at the NeoLoad documentation here