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Neoload v6 - Jenkins Integration: SLAJUnitMapping Not Working?

We have several tests that run via Jenkins jobs, some have dependencies on others. Therefore we use the -SLAJUnitMapping option to determine if a test passed or failed before kicking off the downstream jobs.

We recently upgraded to Neoload 6.0 and now despite SLA failures the jobs are finishing with a passed status when they should (used to) fail.

I believe I read in another thread the way Neoload passes the result back to the command line has changed in the new version? I searched for documentation but couldn't find anything concerning changes to the SLAJUnitMapping option.

I'm not sure why SLA's failure are not getting propagated back when they used too. Any help is appreciated.

Here is the command we're using now, which is exactly what we were using before upgrading to v6:

C:\jenkins\slave\workspace\Neoload QAP Login Smoke Test>"C:\Program Files\NeoLoad 6.0\bin\NeoLoadCmd.exe" -project "D:\repos\portal\portal.nlp" -launch "Portal -Login Only" -testResultName "Daily Regression Portal Check -$Date{hh:mm - dd MMM yyyy} (build ${BUILD_NUMBER})" -description "Portal login check" -report "${WORKSPACE}\neoload-report\report.xml" -noGUI -SLAJUnitResults "${WORKSPACE}\neoload-report\junit-sla-results.xml" -SLAJUnitMapping "fail"

I confirmed on the slave, the junit-sla-results.xml shows the failed SLA.

We're using Jenkins 2.46.3. The Jenkins slave and the Neoload controller are both hosted on a Windows Server 2012 VM.

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