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Neoload Version 6.0 Updated to access Web Base SaaS Interface?

We have Updated your Neoload version to 6.0 to Access the web Based SaaS Interface, We are seeing message for additional Subscription Requirement.
If we can Get some details on that in email that would be great.

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The access to NeoLoad Web is authorized for the Free Edition and Enterprise edition at no additional cost. It's not available for the Standard Edition and is an option of the Professional Edition as described here.

If you want to give a try, you can request a Free edition (50VU) on Neotys website or request a NeoLoad trial license based on your current license by contacting us.

With the 'NeoLoad Web' option enabled in your license you can access NeoLoad Web SaaS or On-premise. All Neotys users have an access to a free plan of NeoLoad Web SaaS to easily evaluate the solution. Then, choose a paid plan to continue as SaaS or choose an on-premise deployment when SaaS is not an option for you (on-premise deployment available at mid-September 2017).

Feel free to contact Neotys to get further details.