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WAN Emulation not installed on virtual machine, how can I move ahead?

I need to do performance testing on Client's virtual machine, but WAN emulation is not installed. How WAN Emulation is installed on clients virtual machine.

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Giriraj B.

Giriraj B.

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WAN emulation may be disabled during the installation on some virtual machines (not all). It's the case on some Cloud virtual machines since the installation of the driver can corrupt the virtual machine.

If you really want to try it you can manually install it from the <neoload_install>\tools\ipfw\win64<xxxx> folder. The win64 folder depends on your Windows version.

For example, ipfw-install install "c:\Program Files\NeoLoad 5.1\tools\ipfw\win64_wlh\netipfw.inf"

If it works you will have to manually modify the agent.properties file with that option: