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Having Day licenses, whats the process to utilize them only during tests

Hi Team,

I have ordered a 5 day licenses, but got them in a single file and issue is I am at client place and few more ppl access the same Controller.
I wnat to control my license such a away that when ever i have a test I can access my lic file and later have the free 50 VU during scripting. Need steps to do that to avoid any issues.

Thanks in advance, quick help needed.

Rajendra Prasad K.
Rajendra Prasad K.

Rajendra Prasad K.

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Hi Rajendra,

You can have both licenses on the same machine....when you want to use the 5-day rental, you load that onto the controller. When you are done with the tests and want to design some stuff and not use the rental, you can just click the 'Enter a license key...' and just say yes if it asks to keep the license local...this will allow you to load it again without going through the activation process.

Here is the license docs: