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Noetys webbased online training

I subscribed to your web based training on 28/11/2016 .

I have been a manual tester for over 4 years and i'v joined web based training of Neotys by myself as I was encouraged to join this course by reading what was written in the following link https://www.neotys.com/documents/service/NeotysTrainingCa...

I have tried my best to understand and learn but failed miserably and am very disappointed and upset with the web based training provided by Neotys. This course wasnt helpful for someone at my stage (a beginner). The reasons are

There is no audio for the tutorial.( I can’t understand how it would be a tutorial without audio information)
There are no detailed descriptions why each steps are carried out and what kind of things we should look at etc
It is just a moving picture and some popups with no indepth explanation.
It provides very minimal knowledge.
The course is no match to what the advertisement says in the website eg
I have complained this to Neotys Tutor, support team and no one seemed to be helpful.I would rather have a detailed course material explaining it in step by step like how to look out for errors , what are the basic or commonest errors that occurs and how they can be recified etc .

If the above criteria cannot be met i would rather have my money back- this course is not at all worth it.

Please let me know how this will be taken further ASAP.

Nisha B.
Nisha B.

Nisha B.

8 / 100