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Neoload intregration with Bamboo?

we wanted to use neoload for our perfromance testing and with CI Integration tool - bamboo .Please advise whether neolaod is compatible with bamboo . If yes then is there any drawback compare to Jenkins.

Currently we are using Jenkin for continuous intregration .

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The Bamboo plugin does not have all the Jenkins plugin features. Basically with Jenkins plugin you can graph any statistics coming from NeoLoad as custom graphs but not in Bamboo. Also the configuration of the Job is easier in Jenkins especially with the NTS licenses.

The trends graphs are also limited in Bamboo. Except that you should expect the same result in Bamboo and Jenkins like with the Junit or the NeoLoad HTML report.

For your information, a TeamCity plugin will be out in the coming weeks. It will have almost of the Jenkins available features as today.