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When Neoload is initialising the test, messages appear indicating that a LGs is not available. Any advice please ?

But they are in green status in the execution window. We need 500 LGs for this test. At the end of the initialisation, a screen appears, listing all the LGs unavailable and ask for processing the test or not. We need that all the LGs must be available. Any advice please ?

Tanguy L.
Tanguy L.

Tanguy L.

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Starting 500 LG's may be challenging especially at the network level. By default, 15 LG's will receive your project at the same time. Depending on your available bandwidth on your network, it may not work and it will lead to such error.

The number of LG's initialized at the same time can be customized in the <install_dir>\conf\controller.properties file under [Runtime] section. It's the option engines.init.pool.size=15

Have you ever been able to start a test with less LG's?