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What might be the possible cause for reduction of current user count from defined load in middle of steady state period

I have set up Scenario settings of 50 user for 35 mins with Ramp up period of 5 mins. After starting the run, as per the settings all the users were entered into system after 5 mins.However after 5 mins of staedy state, 7 users exited system though still 20 mins of staedy state period is there. Would like to know what could be the cause for such an unexpected behaviour

Abirami V.
Abirami V.

Abirami V.

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When you say "7 users exited system" do you mean that the load on NeoLoad side changed from 43 users to of 50?

If yes, could you check the Load Generator log files accessible in your test result section under logs tab? You may have some error logs.