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TPS & Throughput not derived

Can you please help to understand how to get the value of transactions per second and throughput in the generated report?
Currently we have categories like pages/requests per second but transactions per second is not present

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These kind of statistics are available in NeoLoad but not by default in a generated report. In order to get them, you need to create your graph in the Results section, Graph tabs.

For example, you can plot the element/s for all transactions and/or specific transaction and same thing for throughput. Then when you generate your report, make sure to add those Graphs into your report which is not done by default.

You will get your transactions per second graph with a table containing the min/avg/max values.

In addition of Nouredine's comment, you can get the Transaction /s value for the whole test duration (not the graph of it) in NeoLoad GUI in the Values Tab "Transaction" fileters. Then 'Elt/s' means 'Transaction/s'.

You can copy/paste the Transaction table into Excel if needed.