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Spnego SSO

I'm trying to use NeoLoad to run some tests against my website that has spnego SSO implemented. I've changed the NeoLoad settings to use Kerberos authentication and used the Record functionality to generate a basic user path of opening the website. The problem occurs when I use the Check a User Path function which reports an Unauthorised response. Unfortunately, everything I try still results in an Unauthorised response from the website. Any help would be much appreciated

Wayne L.
Wayne L.

Wayne L.

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First of all, if your server requires only a Kerberos authentication and not also a NLTM authentication, make sure that you have configured NeoLoad for Kerberos.

For more information you can check the NeoLoad documentation here

You will have to fill the krb5.conf with your Kerberos server information. You can capture the network traffic without NeoLoad to check the Kerberos information needed.

When it's done, in your script, at the server level, you should add your Windows credential in that format: DOMAIN\username and your password under the login and password column.