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Why do I have a critical alert for a value which according the graph doesn't exceed my threshold?

I am seeing critical alerts being raised during my test, which according to the threshold are >= 1.0. However when I look at my graph which is with a scale of 1, the only spikes I see fall way shorter than 1.0?

If you see the attached graph the peak value is
0.03374401 with a scale of 1.

I am assuming I am not understanding the scale properly here perhaps?


Joel S.
Joel S.

Joel S.

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When you run a test for a specific duration, NeoLoad will aggregate the data depending on that duration.

So in your case and especially for a long test like that i think that you can't see your value because it is aggregated with lower values and so it is not displayed in the graph.

The alert view will still get the raw value but in the graph it is at some point aggregated.

You can try to reduce the aggregation level in your graph but it may not be enough if the aggregation period is lower than the aggregation graph. And the aggregation period is defined based on your test duration.

I hope it makes sense to you.