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Is there a way to recover results from a test

I ran out of disk space at the end of a test; is there any way to recover any of the results? I can see the results ID folder and it seems to have a large amount of data within it, but doesn't show up in the results list or get recovered when reopening the project

Steven F.
Steven F.

Steven F.

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Most of the computation is done at the end of the test especially the creation of the HTML report that is displayed in NeoLoad.

For that, NeoLoad needs in the results folder the "summary.db" file. If it was not created due to the space disk issue you can use the following command to re-create it:

<NeoLoad_install_dir>\bin\NeoLoadCmd.exe -repairTestResult "<path_to_your_test_result_folder>"

That should create the "summary.db" file in your test result folder. Then go back in NeoLoad and open your project. NeoLoad should detect a corrupted result folder.

Note that some of the statistics may have been lost especially in the summary page.


C:\Program Files\NeoLoad 5.1\bin>NeoLoadCmd.exe -repairTestResult "C:\Users\neol
oad\Documents\NeoLoad Projects\Myproject\results\result_c44a9e72-4a7c-416e-b