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How to check for cloud LG connectivity without spending actual credits?

We use cloud LGs for our testing. Earlier we had some beta clouds and we used to add them and check if there is no issue with cloud connectivity before we start our actual test. But now as we are not able to see the beta clouds, we have to waste our credit for this validation. So my question is why are we not getting list of beta clouds? and second is there any other way to check connectivity without wasting credit.

Priyanka G.
Priyanka G.

Priyanka G.

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When the Cloud teams would like to add new zones from different providers these zones are first in beta mode so it can be tested for a long period to make sure that there are no particular issues. When it's the case the beta zones are moved to production.

So currently there are no new zones to add that's why there are no beta zones anymore.

You need to check with your network team that your corporate firewall (if any) will allow the communication between your controller and the load generators on port TCP 7100. The controller also needs to communicate with the Cloud platform using HTTPS protocol on port 443.

You can run a telnet on port TCP 7100 from your controller or run the portQuery utility from Microsoft to make sure that those ports are reachable.

As soon as there's no firewall you will not have any communications issue with the load generators.

There's no other ways to test that.